Willem Noyons

Willem Noyons

An outstanding Dutch designer Willem Noyons www.noyons.com comes from a famous family of jewel-makers. Nevertheless; his works are very contemporary whether we speak about his glass designs, graphic design or work with metal.

He was one of our first clients and the fact that our successful cooperation has been going on since 1995 says it all. Since then, we have created many successful products and participated in several important projects. Many of his designs have become "evergreens" of European designer shops (Doublevase, Watter caraf set,...) and some other projects inspire well-deserved interest (Orange vase, Euroexchanger, Saltcellars,...).

Beginning from 2013, we not only manufacture his glass designs, we have become the sole distributor of the WILLEM NOYONS brand in the Czech Republic. A ceremonial presentation and launch of his products on the market is planned for May of this year.


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