Miloš Balgavý

Miloš Balgavý

Miloš Balgavý is without any doubt one of the most significant Slovak artists. In order to express his imaginativeness, he chose the most challenging technique which exists in the world of glass - a ground sculpture. In his works, he concentrates on shape perfection, colour relations and the intensity of light passage through the material depending on its thickness.

He was chosen and nominated as a participant of the IGS2012 glass symposium and, due to the character of his works, he became an honoured guest of our glass grinders' studio. He and his amazing wife Beata dominated the entire workshop and, in the positive sense of the word, wrung the best out of the team of our glass grinders. The result was amazing. Two almost monumental objects were thus created which belong to the best pieces that have ever been created at our symposium. It is for sure that these objects will become one of the cornerstones of the IGS collection which is currently being put together. Both sculptures puzzled even the glass making specialist, who for a while doubted, that such complex and artistically valued sculptures could be created in the little time which the duration of symposium offered. Mr Balgavý laconically commented that such a thing is "possible, if you dedicate a lot of time to perfect preparation of the design, everybody works to 200% of their abilities and do not sleep much and if luck is on our side and everything goes well."

We are glad that the pleasant atmosphere that we experienced during the IGC may now continue thanks to the cooperation which we established. His new creative concept shall be fully realised in our studio.


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