Aktuality - úvod

Aktuality - úvod

THE MAGIC WORLD OF ENGRAVING is the name of solo-exhibition of Master engraver Arno Čančík. You can visit the exposition Monday - Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in GLASSDISTRICT gallery, Purkynova street 173, Novy Bor, from now till the end of the January. We would like to pay tribute to this extraordinary personality in the glassmaking industry through this exhibition, as well as pay respect to glass engraving as a craft and an original form of artistic expression.


GLASS GARDEN is an open-air exhibition presenting glass in all its forms and in surprising circumstances. You will enjoy crossover of traditional craft, contemporary design and art without compromises. Thanks to close co-operation with city hall of Novy Bor a part of the exhibition is dedicated to the upcomming International Glass Symposium IGS. An important theme is a connection of local glass making and Dutch creative scenes. You will have an opportunity to see breath-taking instalation of Carina Riezebos, which will be brought from Palazzo Francesco Turati (Masterly - The Dutch in Milano) directly to our exhibition. Visit GLASS GARDEN (26.-28.5.) and you will fall in love with glass.


We produce bespoke glass with the same passion, energy and creativity like photo shooting of our new visual style. Exceptional location, art photographer, nice models and glass designed by Daniela Chodilova. Enjoy FRAGILE EMOTIONS.


ASTERA glass-making studio

We specialise in bespoke hand made production of glass and crystal. We are ready to produce special glass elements for architectural solutions, unusual interior decorations or complements, unique trophies, modern designer glass object, replicas of old glass art-pieces..whatever you want made of glass.