Carina Riezebos

Carina Riezebos

Glass designer and artist Carina Riezebos is one of the most significant personages of the Dutch glass scene. The fact that she has been chosen as a chief designer of the last existing Dutch glassworks Royal Leerdam Crystal is a clear proof of this. Her works have always been valued for a clear personal style, elegant female attitude and a philosophical overlap.

The items from her collection titled CARINA are small solitary objects which not only follow the current trends in interior design; they actually often set those very trends. We have been manufacturing her designs since the year 2002. We were proud to nominate Carina Riezebos to the International Glass Symposium IGS2012 which resulted in a deep experience and joy of shared artistic creation and also in deepening of our cooperation.

Beginning from 2013, we not only manufacture her glass objects, we have become the sole distributor of the CARINA brand in the Czech Republic. A ceremonial presentation and launch of her products on the market is planned for April of this year.


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