Vladimír Žíla st.

Vladimír Žíla st.

ASTERA is proud to continue the three-generation long family tradition. Zdeněk Žíla established the glassworks in Nový Bor, factory that nowadays bears the name Crystalex CZ, and he was its first general director. His son Valdimír Žíla Sr. was an exceptional glass master, educator and artist, and his grandson Vladimír Žíla Jr. is a founder of the ASTERA company and its executive officer.

The works of Vladimír Žíla Sr. is a completed collection of chamber glass object titled Diamond of Interior. All his sculptures are precisely hand crafted compositions of optical crystal combined with segments of coloured sodium-potassium glass. His glass grinding technique and unique optical properties of the material provide a view into the inner world of the author's imagination and his journey to perfection which are preserved in each piece.


We proudly continue the tradition of manufacturing limited-series objects which are created in the studio founded by Vladimír Žíla in 1988 when he was a leader of a grinding studio in the Nový Bor Glass School.


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